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Wheated Pizza and Bar

Help Wheated replace pizza ovens lost to Sandy

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Wheated Pizza and Bar

905 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11218


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Help Wheated replace pizza ovens lost to Sandy

Note: Since this is a rebuilding project for Sandy-related damages, all pledges will be charged whether or not the goal is met at the end of the campaign.

We have created this project to help raise funds to replace two Moretti Forni pizza ovens that were destroyed by flood waters during Superstorm Sandy.

Wheated is a pizza and drink spot opening in early 2013 on the edge of Ditmas Park in Brooklyn, New York. We have been actively working on renovating the former NYC ICY space on Church Avenue into a restaurant and bar. During this time, we rented two storage spaces at Secure Self Storage in Coney Island. These units held equipment and materials that would be used in the restaurant. Our storage spaces were on an elevated first floor in a seriously strong concrete and steel building. When Superstorm Sandy struck, at least ten feet of water came through Coney Island and our storage spaces were flooded with five feet of saltwater and muck. It was almost a week after Sandy that we learned the spaces had been flooded. We were able to inspect the units in the dark one week after flooding. We held on to hope that the ovens, in particular, could be saved. Two weeks later, the power was on, and we could see the damage. Mold and corrosion had already set in to the electrical components of the ovens. It was at that point that we finally understood that the ovens were a loss. Our property insurance included a provision providing coverage for items in storage units but the policy also specified no coverage in case of flooding.

We were disappointed to say the least, but the disappointment is tempered with the fact that others have lost so much. We were lucky. We will continue on, open our restaurant, and serve the community that has been so supportive of us.

This is the scene from one of our storage units upon our first post Sandy visit. In the back, left, is one of the two ovens. The doors, you might be wondering, are vintage oak doors from a Rhode Island school house. They were purchased for our interior decor and at this time, they appear to remain serviceable for our needs if warping does not set in.

Since Wheated is pizza focused, we wanted to include at least one picture of David's pizzas. This pizza is from one of our pizza parties held this past summer and was cooked in a wood fired oven. Please understand, the ovens we are replacing for Wheated are electric and will result in differences such as less charring and a crisper crust. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of pizzas from the ovens... yet.

Thank you, David & Kim

PS - please note that we expect Wheated to open in February 2013. All rewards/gift certificates will be valid for redemption from the day we open until one year from that date.

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