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Be A Part of the Sandy Recovery and Launch a One-of-a-Kind Tour of the NY Waterfront

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Be A Part of the Sandy Recovery and Launch a One-of-a-Kind Tour of the NY Waterfront

We need help raising the funds to launch our New York Waterfront Tour that will bring customers and donations to neighborhoods hit by Super Storm Sandy. Money is needed to pay staff for the tour development work, for advertising and promotion costs associated with the launch, and to cover other research costs such as books, images, and tour guide training.

Flash back to September 2012 and we were planning to create a new tour of New York's waterfront. Like all of Urban Oyster's tours it would focus on the neighborhoods, small businesses, history, and the people. We had just started working on the tour when Super Storm Sandy hit. In a flash, the three neighborhoods we planned to visit; the Seaport, Dumbo, and Red Hook, were under water. Many of the places we were going to include in the tour were destroyed. We had no idea whether we could still give the tour. Then, towards the end of November it became clear that enough of the food businesses were rebuilding that we decided to forge ahead. Additionally, we knew that our tour could help. It could help bring life back to the streets, customers to the small businesses that desperately needed them, and dollars to help rebuild. So after losing 2 months of working time we dove in and have been racing ever since to launch the tour on time this April.

Our Neighborhood Eats Tour of the New York Waterfront will explore the past and present of the waterfront neighborhoods of New York through food. Food played an integral role in both New York's rise as a seaport and as the center of the financial world. Amazing history lies just below the surface in places like the Seaport, Dumbo, and Red Hook. Now, as if history is repeating itself, food is returning to the waterfront in the form of restaurants, manufacturers and urban farms. Our tour will explore all aspects of this story and will take you to visit the new businesses so that you can meet them and taste their wares. The tour will also deal with the damage caused by Super Storm Sandy and detail the recovery of both the communities and the businesses that we visit. Furthermore, a portion of the ticket price will go towards the continuing recovery efforts.

About Urban Oyster: Amazing as it is to imagine now, New York Harbor may have once contained half the world’s oysters. Over time, however, many oyster beds died off due to pollution and over-consumption. Learning from this history, Urban Oyster was founded on the belief that, like oysters, the neighborhoods of New York are treasured resources that require nurturing and cultivation in order to survive and flourish. Through dynamic hands-on tour and event experiences, Urban Oyster aims to connect people to the local treasures of this great city, and in doing so, promote an appreciation for the neighborhoods we inherit. Our Tours and Events explore how we can live in neighborhoods today in ways that support and value local production and consumption, cultural diversity, historic preservation, and sustainability for the benefit of generations to come.

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