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Thai Rock

Thai Rock - Rebuilding from Sandy’s Destruction in the Rockaways

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Thai Rock

375 Beach 92nd Street
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693


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Thai Rock - Rebuilding from Sandy’s Destruction in the Rockaways

We are raising money on SmallKnot to repair and replace our audio equipment, instruments and live music capabilities

I am Robert Kaskel, entrepreneur and owner of Thai Rock. I am fortunate not only to have a loving and caring wife, but also one who has proven to be the best business partner I ever could have had, her name is Metta and she is my love, my best friend and a perfect balance for our business.

Our home and our business were both destroyed by super storm Sandy.

Interview with the NYC Economic Development Corp about Thai Rock and Sandy

We started Thai Rock two years ago. Prior to that I ran various Wall Street technology companies and my wife ran her own restaurant in Thailand and worked as a NYC bartender. Together, with our mutual business desires, her food services background and my business experience we put our concept together and realized it. The result was a success. We beat the odds, the odds of a new restaurant making it. We focused on providing excellent authentic Thai cuisine, perhaps the best Thai home cooking available outside of Thailand, great live music, a beautiful and inviting atmosphere and water sports.

Our goal at Thai Rock is to provide a getaway, a place to relax and enjoy oneself; a place to go on vacation without going far from home. During the warm months from April through November, we offer self-directed and excursion Jet Ski tours going around Manhattan, to Atlantic City, around all of Long Island, or up the Hudson River. Some of our tours are multiple days long and others are only 30 minutes. We also offer Kayak rentals, water skiing and tube rides. In all, Thai Rock has become a destination for local Rockaway residents as well as tourists and folks from all over the greater tri-state region.

Thai Rock is part of a renaissance in the Rockaways that is really picking up momentum. Our beaches are beautiful, we are convenient to get to by subway, bus, bicycle, car, boat and now even by ferry from Manhattan. The Rockaways is one of those family towns that still exist, and in NYC no less. It is geographically made of two areas the Rockaway Peninsula and Broad Channel, an Island in the middle of Jamaica Bay.

Our community has been hit really hard from Sandy. It is possible that more than half the businesses will not reopen. There are very few resources for small businesses to obtain funding and many of us will not qualify for the few resources that are available. To date, Thai Rock has not received any insurance or government funds. We had no flood insurance and our business interruption insurance will not be honored since it was a flood that caused our business to stop operating.

Since the storm, our family, our friends, our staff and even volunteers we never met before have helped in various ways, but we are at the point where we can go no further without desperately needed funding. Our goal on Small Knot is to raise enough money to replace our lost and destroyed audio and live music equipment and instruments. There are fewer and fewer live music venues these days and we at Thai Rock are passionate about the arts and the people who create and make them. Help us restore live music to the Rockaways.

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