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Help Rebuild Ted & Honey's Commercial Kitchen

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Help Rebuild Ted & Honey's Commercial Kitchen

Ted & Honey recently endured detrimental damages to our commercial kitchen, which is the driving force behind our cafes and newly launched catering company, Parker Red. We believe with the help of Smallknot, social media, and our loyal following, we can achieve our desired goal. T&H also believes in community growth and supporting small businesses which was important when choosing Smallknot.

Our commercial kitchen, the driving force behind our cafes and newly launched catering company, Parker Red, was completely destroyed by the hurricane. Please help us get our kitchen back! We want to get our employees back to work and our company up and running again, and continue serving the community we love so much.

Ted & Honey is a sanctuary for Brooklyn food lovers that evokes a community feel that The New York Times calls "the spot where the entire neighborhood is starting its day."

We've been a staple to residents of Cobble Hill for years, and just weeks ago we celebrated the opening of our new state-of-the-art commercial kitchen at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where we also launched a second café, and headquartered Parker Red, our new catering company. Our chef, co-owners, and Ted & Honey team spent months investing in and building a multifunctional commercial kitchen to sustain the high volume of food for both Ted & Honey cafés and Parker Red.

You see, at Ted & Honey, everything is made from scratch, down to the pickles, mustard, ketchup, and cheese. Meat and fish are smoked in-house as well. After working in a tiny underground—but very Brooklyn—kitchen for years, our new commercial space was the heartbeat that gave life to a second café and our catering company.

In a few hours, Hurricane Sandy destroyed all of it. The Navy Yard, located in a mandatory evacuation zone, endured monumental damages—everything in the kitchen, from the walls to the pipes to the food and all the brand-new appliances, was washed away.

While our amazing chef and co-owners have been incredibly positive in keeping all of our spirits up, we are in desperate need of your help—we need our kitchen back! Your donation will be used to purchase the necessary equipment to get our company up and running again, and get our employees back to work. No donation is too small, and will not only help rebuild our commercial kitchen, but help rebuild a community brand that now has a face throughout Brooklyn.

The photos capture the devastation we are currently facing—no words can describe the detrimental effects we have sustained from Hurricane Sandy. With your help we can come together as a community and continue to be the place where you start your day, celebrate milestones in your life, and enjoy any meal in between.

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