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Rustic L.E.S.

Be a part of the Bistro Truck's new brick & mortar restaurant!

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Our Neighborhood

Rustic L.E.S.

124 Ridge St.
New York, NY 10002


Kitchen Equipment Is Here!

Rustic's new kitchen A quick update for all our supporters! We're almost finished building out the kitchen and are just waiting for some final inspections on the new restaurant! Rustic LES is coming at the end of the month (fingers crossed!). We'll keep you posted on the official date once everything is ready to go.

We've been swamped trying to get the new place open -- but we promise we are going to get rewards to you soon, especially the ones that get redeemed at the Bistro Truck.

Here's a picture of the brand new ovens and equipment you helped to fund -- it wasn't long ago when this whole kitchen was empty! Can't wait to see you here in the restaurant and officially induct you into #carnivoresnation at Rustic LES!


Hello Bistro Truck, Rustic L.E.S & Small knot supporters!

Hello Bistro Truck, Rustic L.E.S & Small knot supporters!

I'm thrilled to be writing this email thanking you for helping us to raise $8,080 to buy our cooking equipments at our new restaurant. We've always been proud of the food and the service we've provided at Bistro Truck and with your support we will be able to follow our passion. You can't imagine what a boost it is for us to know that our new location is almost open and with your support and funding it will be sooner than you think!

I'll keep you updated about our progress through occasional emails--I'll let you know how the opening process is moving along, and what the status of your rewards is. We'll distribute all of those rewards this summer. So looking forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to send them my Otherwise you'll be hearing from me soon with news on how things are coming along and when you can expect your invitation to the party, Have a one on one Moroccan cooking lesson with me or claim your permanent seat at Rustic!

All the best, Yassir + Elsa.

Be a part of the Bistro Truck's new brick & mortar restaurant!

Be a part of the Bistro Truck's new brick & mortar restaurant!

We're getting all new equipment for a brand new restaurant: fryer, range, convection oven and more. Help us out and we'll make it worth your while!

Rustic L.E.S will be a small and inviting restaurant space in the Lower East Side. We started our mobile gourmet food truck, the Bistro Truck, in 2009, and we've been so fortunate to have a growing following for our lunch service ever since we opened. So after 3 years, we decided to open our own kitchen. We found an amazing, affordable space in one of our favorite neighborhoods, the Lower East Side, and we're really excited to get the restaurant up and running and be able to share our love of cooking with a broader audience.

We're opening a neighborhood restaurant with artisinal, heart-warming food to be shared with family and friends. We'll have classics from the truck but also new Moroccan and Mediterranean inspired dishes. We're also committed to sourcing local ingredients wherever possible and supporting local farmers in the process.

Here's what we need:

We're building out the whole restaurant now and your support will help cover the cost of all the new equipment we need. $8,000 will cover the cost of a gas range, fryer, convection oven, serving ware and other supplies. And if you help us push past our goal to $12,000, we'll throw a party for all our supporters.

Thanks for supporting us!

Yassir & Elsa

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