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Red Hook Lobster Pound

Purchase gift certificates to rebuild the Red Hook Lobster Pound

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Our Neighborhood

Red Hook Lobster Pound

284 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231



What an amazing afternoon. We raised 10% of our goal. Ralph and I are so appreciative. Now its time for some Harry Potter and a cocktail. I'll be back online tomorrow. Please spread the word to your friends and family! We are printing the new certificates next week and will contact you for an address or pick up arrangements.

Purchase gift certificates to rebuild the Red Hook Lobster Pound

Note: Since this is a rebuilding project for Sandy-related damages, all pledges will be charged whether or not the goal is met at the end of the campaign.

The whole community took a whoopin from that Storm Sandy. She filled up our tanks with more salt water than we could handle. We need to rebuild our lobster tanks, walk-in, kitchen and store. We need new equipment on top of new walls and floors! We also thought that it was high time for a bathroom! Our staff is so wonderful and we would love to be able to employ them to help during the rebuild.

Red Hook is a special place. It is the closest that NYC has to a fishing village, which is one of the reasons we moved here 15 years ago and opened the Red Hook Lobster Pound 5 years ago. We gave so much of ourselves to this project, it was heartbreaking to open the door on October 30.

The water raced down our main street and flooded The Pound and the commissary with over four feet of water, and there is extensive damage. Two of our vehicles are not functioning, our food truck needs to be totally rebuilt. We had to demolish all the walls, take up the floors, trash the lobster tanks and all our inventory.

We are rebuilding! This time with a/c and a customer W.C. We are reaching out to you to help us. Anyone that would like to help out, please e-mail: info [at] redhooklobster [dot] com, or tweet us @Redhooklobster.This could mean manpower, tradesmen, designers, painters, comedian, garbage bags, or anything else you can think of to lend a hand. Anything is appreciated.

We are raising this money through a special gift certificate program. For every gift certificate that you buy now, 75% of the purchase price will be yours to use at any of our locations and 25% will go directly to the rebuild. Buy now, lobstericiousness later! It makes a great Christmas or Chanukah present (for the Traif in all of us). Oh, and when we reopen the picnic room (bigger, expanded, A/C Heat and the all important W.C.) we will have a special party to thank all of our helpers and contributors. Because this is a Hurricane Relief Campaign we are able to receive all of the funds even if we don't reach our goal! These LOBSTAR Gift Certificates make the perfect Holiday Gift!

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