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One Girl Cookies

One Girl Cookies needs our help!

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One Girl Cookies

33 Main St (corner of Water)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Coffee Equipment Repaired!

As of today, the repairs to One Girl Cookies' espresso machine and coffee brewer are paid for in full! Thanks to our investors, One Girl Cookies is back in action, bringing caffeine to the people of DUMBO!


Wow! Thank you!

Thanks so much to all of you who have invested in One Girl Cookies' recovery effort so far! Only a week in and we have exceeded our initial goal! Your donations have paid for both the electrical work that had to be done after the flood and the replacement for the broken window! Thank you!!

One Girl Cookies needs our help!

Rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy

Anyone that's been to DUMBO has probably passed by One Girl Cookies, invited by the smell of fresh baked cookies, cupcakes and cakes. David Crofton and Dawn Casale have dedicated their life to living their passion to supply fresh baked goods to the community and creating a warm inviting environment for people to come together. Let's lend a hand and help them get their store back up and running!

The shop, owned by the husband and wife duo, was one of the many eateries hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  At the height of the surge, there was 4' of water in the shop.  One of the windows was broken by debris and the flood waters carried containers of cupcakes and cakes out of the shop... they were found more than 100 yards away in neighboring Brooklyn Bridge Park.  

Unfortunately, their insurance does not cover anything damaged by flooding.  The walls had to be ripped out and replaced.  (Don't worry... the mural by artist Aaron Meshon was just high enough to escape water damage!)  All of their equipment (refrigerators, freezers, coffee brewers, grinders, espresso machine) will need either replacement or repair.

One Girl Cookies reopened its doors on Friday, November 9 after being closed for 12 days. During that time, they made sure that the entire staff remained on the payroll.

Unfortunately, their insurance does not cover anything damaged by flooding.

Cupcakes, cookies and cakes to share over coffee

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