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Kos Kaffe

We want to make Kos Kaffe a place to linger....

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Kos Kaffe

251 Fifth Avenue
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We want to make Kos Kaffe a place to linger....

Build a shady nook to sip your coffee when you fund our project.

We want to make our little roasting house a more comfortable spot to linger.

We had both been working in the culinary world for decades before we met: Allon has been professionally roasting and brewing specialty coffee for more than twenty years, and Sarah was a chef, cookbook writer and general full-time recipe geek for more than ten. The two of us met in 2009 and tied the knot last September. We opened Kos Kaffe just three months later, giving to our ongoing corny joke that food and coffee make the perfect marriage. But it's kinda true! We are both incredibly passionate about the work we do, from roasting responsibly harvested beans to finding the freshest ingredients to just basically doing as much from scratch as we possibly can. It's a pretty unusual thing to find a coffeehouse with passion in the cup and on the plate, and we're excited every day to be doing what we do together.

We want Kos Kaffe to be a business genuinely rooted in the local community: a down-to-earth mom-and-pop situation. We set out to create a space that would feel homey and warm -- that's why it's a roasting "house" and not a roasting "company". We roast beans in small batches several times a week for ultimate freshness, and we cook food that's the kind of simple, homemade stuff you might prepare for yourself if you had the time. We're a neighborhood business, and we love the relationships we've formed with customers, getting to know our neighbors and participating in events around the neighborhood, from school projects to street fairs. Our main business goal is simple: to grow into the local fabric of Park Slope.

Why We're On Smallknot:

We are lucky to have a beautiful wall of windows that lets in a ton of natural light, but the downside is our little cafe can turn into a greenhouse for a couple of hours on warm days in the afternoon! We've installed fans for air circulation and are getting some window treatment to filter the light, but what we really want to do is install a retractable awning along our storefront that would provide shade when we need it and let in all those lovely sunbeams in when we don't. It would also give customers some shelter on drizzly days. We estimate it would cost about $4,500, and we're offering some great value to everyone who invests in us. We look forward to seeing you in the shop sometime soon!

Sarah & Allon

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