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Barbarini Post Sandy

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Update on Barbalu

Hi everyone, Almost one year has passed since super storm Sandy hit the East coast of US. Each of you have made our lives easier by helping in many ways and Stefano, the kids and Adriana will be forever thankful! The good news to those who haven't heard, is that we are just a few weeks away from opening our new restaurant and will love for each of you to take a look and see what you have help us accomplished. The name we chose is Barbalu as our DBA: "Barbalu is the marriage (literally) of husband and wife team Stefano Barbagallo and Adriana Luque" Please check our website Facebook: Twitter and Instagram: @BarbaluNYC for updates. Opening date will be end of September :) will keep you updated. Thank you all so much and we'll love to see you at Barbalu!

Adriana and Stefano


Happy News :)

We are very happy to let all of you know that things are moving along very well. It has been almost 6 months since Sandy but we didn't give up. Instead, we got stronger, and that is because of people like you who gave us a hand when we needed it most.

The good news is that in the next 3 weeks we should have the "keys" to our new business (YAY!). We will start construction right away and hopefully we will be in the new space very fairly soon. The design and the furniture are ready and the menu is almost there. We are also happy to say many of our former workers are getting their job back :)

Thanks to your generous contributions we will be able to open our new restaurant. Here are some of the items you helped buy:

  1. New tables and chairs
  2. Kitchen supplies
  3. Complete bathroom (mirror, toilet, sink)
  4. Kitchen equipment

In our next update, we will provide you with our website and more information so you can get ready to come downtown and visit us. Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do!!! Besto to all,

Adriana and Stefano


CBS news about Barbarini



Anonymous donors :)

We can't thank you enough! Even though we don't know who you- anonymous are, you do, and this thank you is for you as well as for those who have reached/called us to donate directly to our Donagallo account. Adriana

Barbarini Post Sandy

Note: Since this is a charitable project related to Sandy, all pledges will be charged whether or not the goal is met at the end of the campaign.

Note 2: Given some confusion on the part of supporters who wanted to contribute, the amount of funds to be raised has been revised from $2,500 to $25,000.

Update: This campaign has been extended to December 30, 2012 to account for the revised amount of funds to be raised.

Stefano and Adriana Barbagallo are 2 of the owners of Barbarini Mercato, an Italian restaurant and market in the Seaport that was hit by eight feet of water during Hurricane Sandy. Everything in the restaurant was destroyed including pots, pans, furniture and expensive restaurant equipment. The entire inventory of cheese, wine and gourmet fresh foods was swept away.

They are regrouping under the name of Donagallo and will be using any gifts they receive towards the building of a new restaurant. At this time they are unsure if they will be able to rebuild in their old location due to structural damage to the building but they are confident that they will grow even stronger and if necessary move to a new location in the Financial District. We think that many fans of Barbarini will be happy to see Stefano and his gracious wife Adriana back in action. Please help them do that!

Overwhelmed by the help and love of many they are looking to celebrate a grand opening soon with all participating in this campaign.

This gourmet eatery is a favorite among the locals. If you have ever been to to their restaurant it is evident that Adriana and Stefano have put their hearts and souls into their restaurant.

Everything in the restaurant had to be removed down to the walls.

The flood waters destroyed pots, pans, tables, furniture and expensive restaurant equipment. The entire inventory of the market was swept away.

With no flood insurance and complete devastation Adriana and Stefano are trying to keep smiles on their face. While they are still unsure if they will be able to rebuild Barbarini due to structural damage to the building they are confident that they will start a new restaurant and they need your help to do that. Please help this wonderful couple get back on their feet!

Please click here if you'd like to read more about Stefano and Adriana:Barbarini Post Sandy

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