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Court Street Grocers

Court Street Grocers needs your help to rebuild its Red Hook kitchen!

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Court Street Grocers

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Here are some pics of whats been going on the last few days! Still no power, heat, or gas. Thanks to you all we will be opening a store better than we could have imagined!


We've started rebuilding!

Thursday and Friday the contractor was at the space for the first time since the storm, all the walls are down, and the reframing has started!! We are going to prepare for a worst case scenario as we rebuild. All the studs will be metal and the walls will be cement board four feet up! So god forbid we ever go through this again we know that rebuilding will be much faster and easier. The power is back in nearly all of red hook, our building has power, but no electricity is running. All the meters were submerged for close to 4 days. By Monday the landlord said his electricians should be done replacing them. Still no gas. Stay tuned for pics!

Again, we just want to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed and offered assistance to our campaign so far. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please continue to help us by spreading the word. THANK YOU!!

Matt and Eric

Court Street Grocers needs your help to rebuild its Red Hook kitchen!

Note: Since this is a rebuliding project related to Sandy, all pledges will be charged whether or not the goal is met at the end of the campaign.

We are hoping to collect funds to rebuild our new space that was so close to being open. It was going to (and we hope will) function as a sandwich shop, production kitchen, and catering facility.

We are a sandwich shop and grocery store called Court Street Grocers, our store is on Court Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. This past summer we borrowed some money from family, signed a lease, and bought a vacant restaurant at 116 Sullivan Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Our Court Street store does a lot, from producing all of our own meats, sauces, and condiments (roast beef to corned beef, turkey confit to pulled pork, hot pepper relish to "come-back-sauce"), to keeping a deli case full of a rotating selection of prepared foods, to preparing and serving a 3-course dinner every Friday night, as well as having shelves stocked full of amazing regional American foodstuffs and high quality groceries, and serving homemade baked goods.

We are becoming busier and busier, which is one of the reasons we decided to expand our business into Red Hook. With the new space we hoped to be able to bring our great sandwiches closer to a fairly sizable portion of our customer base. Also, the new space, having a full gas kitchen (we are all electric on Court Street) was also going to allow us to move a lot of our production to Red Hook, expand our catering capabilities, and begin to package our own sauces and to-go foods. Since the kitchen was going to be so much larger than what we were used to, we also had 3 small, local businesses who were going to rent/use the space during our off hours.

The storm surge from hurricane Sandy bought nearly 5 feet of water to our spot on Sullivan Street. When the water receded, it took with it nearly all the kitchen equipment we had purchased and all of the renovations that we had completed. Unfortunately, it also left so much more to be done. We were nearly ready to paint the walls and start the finishing touches, now we need to gut the entire store, run new electricity, replace the electrical panel, hot water heater, refrigerator compressor, and as the power and gas have not yet been turned back on we are still waiting to find out what condition the gas lines, plumbing, and grease trap are in.

As you can imagine, opening our first business, Court Street Grocers, put a lot strain on our personal finances, this unfortunately has left us in not such great shape to secure loans from essentially anywhere. Compounded by the fact that we have yet to file a tax return for the new Red Hook LLC, has left us ineligible for aid from the Chamber of Commerce and possibly FEMA, which is why we are turning to you to help fund and rebuild our new store.


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