Butter Lane Cupcakes

Buying a new A/C unit so our hard-working bakers can keep making the Better Cupcake!

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Butter Lane Cupcakes

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Buying a new A/C unit so our hard-working bakers can keep making the Better Cupcake!

We love our spot in the East Village, but it's hard to keep cool in the summer! We’re working with Smallknot to raise funds for a new air conditioner and make our hard-working staff and customers more comfortable.

Five years ago I decided it was time to stop working on Wall Street, and start following my dream. I had always loved playing shop when I was a kid, and I wanted to open my very own store, selling nothing but cupcakes. With my long time friends Maria Baugh and Linda Lea, I ventured into the East Village, found a retail space, and brought Butter Lane Cupcakes to the neighborhood.

We serve cupcakes for grown ups at Butter Lane, because we are very particular about every ingredient that goes into them. We use fresh fruit, no food coloring or artificial flavors, and the highest quality vanilla beans and pure cocoa from Venezuela—this all makes for a very delicious treat. We have been really fortunate to be successful during some challenging economic times, and we know it’s because of your support in the East Village and Park Slope!

We'd like to make Butter Lane a more comfortable place for you and our bakers, so we're in need of an air conditioner to cool down all the heat from the ovens!

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