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We're gonna need a bigger van to help our expansion into two new markets!

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Bon Chovie Purchases New Van!

Bon Chovie's New Van

Hi All,

Just wanted to send a quick update and thank you again for your generous contributions to our Smallknot campaign! A special thanks to Susan and Ralph from the Red Hook Lobster Pound for giving us a hot tip on a fantastic used van source - we were able to find the perfect Ford Econoline in great condition, low miles that will fulfill all of our chovie chaffering needs. It took a little while to get all of the paperwork finalized to transfer our old plates, but we were able to pick her up and take her home today! Just in time for a big weekend at Parked! on Saturday, the Mad Decent Block Party on Sunday - and of course Smorgasburg and the BK Flea.

SO.... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Hope to see you this weekend.

-Neill & Renae

P.S. We are open to suggestions for naming her - last one was "Vanny" - not very creative I know...



Well folks, our Smallknot community funding campaign is now complete and THANKS TO YOU, BON CHOVIE IS SET TO BEGIN VAN SHOPPING! :) --- Truly, it couldn't come at a better time, as Bon Chovie continues to grow, week by week, with lots of cool opportunities to serve our tasty fried anchovies all over town. We're really grateful to you all for partnering with us, via Smallknot, to keep a good thing going.

So we hope you guys are excited about the rewards you have coming to you. - For our part, we couldn't be more excited to see our friends in their new Bon Chovie gear, for a cooking lesson or a fishing trip.

We are going to begin corresponding with each of you directly over the next week to hook you up with your rewards. In the mean time, we wish you well and thank you for your support. We love working on Bon Chovie each week, mainly because we get to hang out with wonderful people like you.

All the best, and BON CHOVIE!

Neill and Renae

We're gonna need a bigger van to help our expansion into two new markets!

We're gonna need a bigger boat. Or van, actually, to help our expansion into two new markets!

Swim Fast. Fry Young. A Fried Anchovy Phenomenon.

Bon Chovie is what happens when a chick with a metal head and a green thumb marries a charter boat captain and seafood-loving maniac. Husband and wife pair, Neill and Renae Holland, started serving up their version of fried fresh anchovies at Smorgasburg last year -- and it was an immediate hit with the crowds. Crunchy fried anchovies (original or Jersey style!) with pickled peppers, lemon and aioli -- the french fries of the sea! The lowly anchovy is having its moment!

Here's what we need:

We're back at Smorgasburg and have expanded to two new markets: the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays and Sundays! We bought a ton of new equipment -- fryers, coolers, kitchen tools, signage, canopies, etc. -- but we're lugging it around in a beat up old van that barely works. We found a used van that would work great -- and we're looking for $6,000 to help cover the costs. We'd love your help to get there!

And we are offering some awesome rewards to get you there! If you didn't know, Neill is an amazing fisherman (seriously, he does his own web fishing reports and everything!) So we're offering fly-fishing lessons in Prospect Park, fishing boat trips in Jamaica Bay, private dinners with wine pairings, and a ton of discounted 'Chovies, stickers and t-shirts. Thanks for your support and come say hi to us the next time you're at the Flea!

Neil & Renae Holland

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