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Another Voice with Jason and Eric

We need to rebuild our online presence from the ground up.

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Another Voice with Jason and Eric

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We need to rebuild our online presence from the ground up.

Greenville's independent radio needs to rebuild their online presence from the ground up.

Another Voice

Another Voice with Jason and Eric is looking to recover our online presence, which was derailed by a hacker who knocked our website offline for 5 months. Knowing that the internet is the ultimate marketplace of ideas, we want to rebuild what was lost and expand across the internet in all the various mediums available.

Another Voice is a radio show/podcast that takes a different approach when it comes to talk radio. Eric Wood and Jason Rogers are just two average guys from Greenville, small business owners who know that there is more than one way to address any problem and that no one group has all the answers. Whether from a brief experience in running for a local school board seat or working for equality with a local civil rights group, we understand that in order for Greenvillians, South Carolinians and Americans to fully and intelligently deal with the problems we face, we need factual information and multiple perspectives. Another Voice is here to provide just these items: facts and perspectives. Another Voice is a haven for reasoned debate and intelligent solutions rather than the bickering and name-calling that passes today for talk radio.

Another Voice is also committed to improving the lot of our local community, especially those who are struggling. We work hand in hand with local charities, providing them a monthly on-air platform to connect those in need with those seeking to help others.

Eric’s path to Another Voice came from teaching his daughters to vote intelligently and personally, never merely voting the way dad said to. He created spread sheets with information about the candidates and discussed the information with his girls and smiled as they made their own informed decision. Another motivating factor for Eric has been the insight he has gained from working with his daughters at the polls for the last few years. His experiences participating in Concerned Citizens for Equal Justice and writing a little environmental blog for the average guy also influenced his decision to create Another Voice.

Jason’s found his way to Another Voice after studying political science at Clemson University and running for a seat on the Greenville County School Board. While Jason’s run for School Board was not successful, it provided him with insight and motivation, which was only furthered by the birth of his son. Being a father gave Jason a renewed interest in creating a better world for his child.

Another Voice is a year and a half old, having begun the first Saturday of January, 2011. At first, we were just a radio show, but our goal was always the internet. We successfully began our website in April of 2011 and were slowly building a following and experimenting with other mediums online, like social media. Unfortunately, in January of 2012, our website became the target of hackers. It began with simply stealing our feed but quickly resulted in a complete loss of our site. It took us nearly 5 months to get our site back from the hackers. We are now rebuilding the site and expanding our web presence through various tools.


We are seeking $1,500.00 to fully rebuild the website, increase our traffic, and expand to other platforms online, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twtiiter, all while reestablish our advertising base. We will use the money to employ someone to help us expand the online presence, we will be using some of the funds on costs related to things like google seo optimizing and some of the funds will be used for other promotional items.

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